MaritimeFrontier and Coastal Defense Communication System

       China is a country with extensive frontier and coastal border defense. The mainland coastline runs 1.8 million kilometers with many points, long lines and wide areas, making it difficult to conduct a comprehensive and real-time network monitoring except in some key areas. When the frontier and coastal defense forces perform daily border control, deal with small-scale border conflict, carry out coastal defense, guidance, combat control, closed combat, maritime support and security tasks, the communication system need to be rapidly deployed so as to realize the seamless connect between combat units, share and pass battlefield information like video, command, voice intercom, text messaging and so on. This will enable them to implement the coastal defense tasks in an efficient, fast and safe manner.


      Ubinode wireless broadband self-organizing radio station is based on the software radio architecture, which is developed independently. It adopts the COFDM technology and centerless multi-hop mesh network technology in wireless communication, enabling the quick build of communication network and the automatic join and exit of points. Ubinode radio does not rely on land-based points, through the multi-hop mesh network and automatic relay function, it can effectively expand the frontier and coastal defense communication range. Apart from ensuring the normal work of the original communication system in the frontier and coastal defense forces, it also by virtue of its wireless software provide a unified communication link solution for the different communication units such as islands, ships and lands to address difficulties concerning inter-connectivity and ensure a smooth and stable frontier and coastal defense system.