MilitaryBattlefield Communication Command System

      In modern warfare, battlefield communication networks require quick, safe and flexible deployment in complex environments so as to realize the seamless connect between battle units as well as high integration and collaboration of situation awareness and distribution, tactical commanding and decision making, fire-fighting and assessing and other battlefield links. Ubinode broadband wireless mesh network radio of Keyshare Communication suits the combat troops tactics “maneuvering on the mobile and carrying off the mobile”, and it also supports battlefield information distribution and sharing of video, command, voice intercom, text messaging, etc.



       Each force unit of the combat troops is equipped with Ubinode broadband wireless mesh network radio, such as helicopters, tanks, individual soldier, ships, etc., which can form their own tactical Internet to share image, data, video and other information based on the actual battlefield channel environment. Intelligence information is passed between combat units. At the same time, commanders are able to perceive battlefield situation through the dynamic network at any time, and timely and efficiently coordinate and command battles.


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