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EmergencyNatural Disaster Emergency Command Communication System

      The devastating natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods and mudslides can easily destroy the communication, transport and power infrastructure of the affected area and cut off its link with the outside. This hinders the immediate arrival of rescue equipment and vehicles and blocks the command center’s access to the real-time situation of the disaster area, seriously impeding the timely advancing of disaster relief work. It creates lots of difficulty to deploy rescue device and obtain the real-time information of disaster area



      Ubinode wireless broadband mesh network radio designed by Keyshare Communication features plug and play, automatic relay and flexible networking. When the basic communication facilities and power facilities in the disaster area fail to function, Ubinode radio can reasonably deploy various points like soldiers and drones to overcome the negative impact on the wireless signal transmission imposed by complex geographical environments, quickly restore the communication link between the disaster relief site and the command center, which provides decision makers with real-time, accurate first-hand information to implement rescue orders and ensure efficient disaster relief work.

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