OthersVehicle Fleet Communication System

​       Traditional communication means (such as the public network, private network, cluster communications, etc.) usually fail to effectively cover some isolated areas like mountainous area, forest and closed tunnels which vehicle fleet runs through. Since smooth communication of vehicle fleet in the above areas cannot be guaranteed, consequently the command staff are neither able to deal with in time nor effectively prevent some emergencies and potential risks. Lacking a comprehensive awareness of the situation in the decision-making, the command staff cannot have their commands issued effectively, either.



      The wireless broadband mesh network radio station Ubinode produced by Keyshare Communication adopts COFDM modulation technology and has the diffraction ability as well as anti-multipath ability. With self-organizing and self-healing features, it is a preferable choice to connect multiple mobile points in the non-line-of-sight scenes. Ubinode self-organizing radio station can quickly form a multi-hop broadband communication link in the above-mentioned situation, effectively restore communication after interruption that may be encountered during the advance of vehicle fleet, offer the commander staff comprehensive information such as real-time situation, audio as well as video and provide the entire team with reliable communication commanding.