1.1.Product Service

(1)Keyshare provide devices and accessories in accordance with the contract, and submit the corresponding operation: user manual, FAQ and product manual.

(2)Keyshare will regular communicate with the user about the summary and improvement every three to six months.

(3)Keyshare establish the user data to record the product usage, provide our latest information technology products for customers, and response to customers' requirements speed.


1.2.Quality assurance

(1)Please fill in the acceptance accurately.

(2)Please show the acceptance when you want to repair the devices.

(3)The warranty is 12 months for devices, Keyshare support repairing and software upgrading for free. Keyshare keep promise for the devices itself.

(4)After the warranty, Keyshare charge the repairing and software upgrading.


1.3.Of the following does not belong to the warranty:

(1)The warranty period has expired.

(2)Service personnel to tear open machine, the inappropriate use of damage, the problem caused by force majeure factors;

(3)If the customers alter warranty or cannot provide the acceptance, Keyshare will make the warranty processing.





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